FUNSTUFF' Organic seed mix with ginger


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FUNSTUFF' Organic seed mix with ginger
FUNSTUFF' Organic seed mix with ginger

Funstuff Organic Seeds Mix with Ginger is a natural, gluten, wheat, nut free organic, breakfast 'cereal' - packed with natural protein.

Makes a delicious, healthy breakfast - full of natural goodness!

All of Mini Magoo's premium cereals use only Organic ingredients and there are no additives, oil, refined sugar or salt.

A delicious mix of organic linseed, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp seeds and coconut flakes all bought together with a small amount of agave nectar. Mmmm!

One of Mini Magoo's bestsellers, Funstuff is perfect with a bowl of milk as a normal cereal substitute if you want a carbohydrate free breakfast.

It's also great sprinkled on yoghurt, as a topping for ice-cream, or munched on as a snack straight from the pack!

Available in two tasty flavours - Ginger and Cinnamon - and in 300g, 500g and 800g packs, just choose using the options available.

Made by hand in small batches. 

Mini Magoo's avoid unnecessary packaging and recommend recycling in order to be environmentally friendly. In the sourcing of ingredients, they avoid mass transit systems for a reduced carbon footprint.